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Be in the top 10% of students that the top 20 universities are looking for with our online SAT prep.
Improve ACT scores & score higher on SAT, PSAT & SSAT tests.
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SAT Test Prep

Stop wasting time on SAT test prep courses that don’t work.

We offer the best SAT prep classes! No more boring reading; no more overwhelming strategies, skills, or even subskills; no more loads of practice questions; no more memorizing; no more anxiety and burnout.

You will receive customized private SAT tutoring & coaching of tactical thinking, quizzes to practice tactical thinking, and analyses of mock test results to perfect tactical thinking.

With our online SAT prep you’ll learn how to train your brain to perform better, reduce exam anxiety, and score higher on the SAT test. Our comprehensive SAT test prep will enable you to score as high as you want to or need to.

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Improve ACT Test Scores

Improve your ACT test scores with our unique tactical thinking strategies and customized coaching.

Forget boring test prep courses that don’t get you anywhere in the long run. Language Power’s ACT test score improvement service is designed to help busy students learn the strategies they need to excel on the test while reducing test anxiety and beating burnout.

Achieve higher ACT test scores without spending hours on boring memorizing that gets you nowhere.

College Essay Format Improvement

Write outstanding college application essay titles that sets you apart from other students.

Everyone applying to North America’s top 20 universities has excellent SAT or ACT test scores, and the college essay setup is where you can break away from the pack and demonstrate what makes you uniquely suited to your university of choice.

Learn tactical thinking skills and strategies to write & perform well for your college interview essay enabling you to stand out from the competition.

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Simple Steps to Success

Your future begins with a single step.

Getting into one of the top 20 universities is tough, but when you break it down into steps, the process is not so complicated. Focus on the steps that matter, learn the smart tactical thinking, and you’ll get into your dream school.

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Discover what your path to success looks like.

Make a decision
to dedicate your energy to getting into the school of your choosing. Don’t tell yourself you cannot get the score you need--you can.
Schedule a meeting
with Language Power’s university prep experts. We will talk with you about your strengths and weaknesses and develop a customized coaching plan to get you where you want to be.
Score High
With our tactical thinking strategies and burnout-free test prep, you’ll score higher than you ever thought possible on the SAT, ACT, and SSAT.
Write an Outstanding College Essay
Once you’ve got the test scores you need, rise above the competition with an exceptional college application essay that showcases what you as an individual will bring you to your dream school is opening the door for you

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We Worked with Hundreds of Student. Here are Their Results

“One great thing about the class was it wasn’t boring. I didn’t need to read the entire passage in order to get all the questions right. I liked the way that reading became very purpose oriented.”
Jessica R.
NYU (New York University)
"Hi this is Angela from USC. I just wanted to say that I liked the program’s method of thinking smartly. I no longer debated between two choices. Each choice wasn’t similar any more and I could quickly pick out the correct answer.”
Angela J.
Barnard College
“This class helped hit my dreamed score very quickly. I was stuck at the low 700 for both reading and grammar. After several classes I was able to do the questions by using logic rather than being entangled in word meanings. I had fun because every answer made sense to me.”
Jonathan L.
USC (University of Southern California)

Achieve the Results You Want, the Way You Want

Stop spending your time on boring test prep and tutoring strategies that spark burnout and don’t get the results you want. Schedule an appointment today to learn the game-changing tactics that will get you into the top 10% of students.
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