College Essay Setup & Writing Improvement

You’ve heard that people with a perfect SAT or ACT score were rejected by Ivy Leagues or other top 20 universities.

You’ve heard that people with a GPA of 4.0 got waitlisted.

You know that an SAT 1500 or an ACT 34 is a great place to start, but it doesn’t massively set you apart from others applying to a top-20 university.

You’ve also heard that people with lower SAT scores or GPA were admitted by top selective universities.

What does that mean for you? How do you ensure your acceptance into the university of your choice? How do you do well on a college interview essay? How do you write compelling college application essay titles? What is the best college essay setup

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The key to an outstanding college essay setup to set yourself apart from other applicants whose test scores and grades are just as good as yours.

Write an Outstanding College Application Essay

Learn to create an effective college essay setup & write compelling college application essay titles!

No more writing about your straight As, your APs, your test scores, your position as yearbook editor or class president, because your competitors are as excellent as you are. No more thesaurus vocabularies to sound complex and different–this just makes your college interview essay sound the same as everyone else trying to do the same thing.

When you try to use your college essay setup as a list of all of your accomplishments and nothing else, it ends up being dry and boring because the real you is missing from your own story. 

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Language Power’s college interview essay tactical thinking strategies are fun to learn and easy to use.

No more boring brainstorming sessions & no more recycled college application essay titles. You will no longer be frustrated by the misconception that you’re nothing special and creating an effective college essay setup will not be such a stressful activity. Instead, you will feel inspired because it’s an exercise for your brain that generates creative ideas and allows you to explore deeper and deeper into your inner self. With Language Power’s Tactical thinking program, you will find confidence in what sets you apart, include it into your college essay setup, use it to your advantage and perform extremely well on your college interview essay!

Your dream university will be delighted to congratulate you on your acceptance when you submit a college essay setup that showcases how unique you truly are! Say Hello to your top-choice University!

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