Self-Care Tips for Before an Important Exam

Studying before a big exam is obviously essential, but focusing on self care is very important too, and can often fall by the wayside when you are stressed about getting the mark you want. Follow these simple self-care tips to help you perform better on exam day.

Get Enough Sleep

Making sure that you’re sleeping enough in the days leading up to your exam is essential for your performance. Sleep is regenerative and helps with brain activity, focus, and energy, all of which you need when writing a big test. If you’re struggling with sleep, try implementing a bedtime routine by doing the same thing every night before bed (this could include sipping a cup of herbal tea, reading a chapter of a novel, or anything else that helps you unwind) and go to bed at the same time every night. Remember, above all else: do not pull an all-nighter trying to study the night before your exam. You’ll be groggy and won’t retain information and will wish you had slept instead.

Eat These Foods

Make sure that you are eating nutritious, balanced meals and staying hydrated. Make sure your meals in the days leading up to the exam all include carbs, vegetables, and protein. Go for healthy options such as rice, fish, and leafy greens. It is also important to snack while you’re studying in order to keep your brain sharp, but don’t reach for chips or sugary candy. Nutritious, brain-boosting study snacks include veggies with hummus, air-popped popcorn, or apple slices with nut butter.

Take a Break

Sometimes it feels like you need to study non-stop in order to do your best, but you’ll actually perform better on your exam if you take breaks in between your studying. Your brain needs time to rest, recharge, and allow the knowledge you’ve accumulated to sink in. Take regular study breaks to do something fun and relaxing like watching an episode of your favourite series, going to a cafe with a friend, or playing with a pet.

Do Something Active

Physical exercise is essential to a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Doing physical activity releases brain chemicals that increase your ability to retain information, think quickly, and promote mental processing. Make time to do something active before your exam, whether it’s doing some gentle yoga, shooting hoops in your backyard, going for a run, or just dancing around your room.  Want to feel even more prepared for the big exam? Get in touch today to see how Language Power’s tactic thinking can boost your efficiency to achieve a high score.
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