Post Secondary Prep - Getting an A

For many people, English is the most difficult class to get an A in and it drags down their GPA, reducing their chances of getting into their university of choice.

For your dream university, if you want to or need to achieve an A grade in English in order to get a higher GPA so that you will get a higher chance of admission, you can!

The key is to get As for essay assignments. How do you do that? It’s simpler than you think.

With Language Power’s tactical thinking program, you can start getting effortless A’s on your written assignments and make English your best subject in school.

Getting an A Grade in English

When you write, do you find your idea doesn’t stick and you have to start something new?

Do you lose interest in ideas that you thought were engaging at first?

Do you run out of time when trying to write and end up rushing through your essay?

When your English teacher asks you to provide more details or explanations to support your claim, do you not understand how?

Do you feel like your creativity is being stifled? 

Don’t worry, you are not alone and English does not have to feel this way.

Many students have not been given the right tools to write an effective essay.

They find themselves thinking that they dislike literary analysis or can’t do it simply because they’ve never gotten an A before. Starting today, you can begin to improve your English grades and actually enjoy writing essays.

With Language Power, you will learn how to think tactically and logically. Your brain will instruct you to approach the writing prompt in an organized way so that you can draft an outline quickly, put together detailed points of proof and explanation that you can work on immediately and expand into full sentences, paragraphs, and before you know it, a polished essay.

Language Power’s tactical thinking program for writing is an enjoyable process because we encourage you to exercise your creativity while nurturing your confidence and giving you the tools you need to avoid writing anxiety.

Language Power’s customized coaching of tactical thinking, quizzes to practice tactical thinking, and analyses of mock writing to perfect tactical thinking will get you where you need to be in order to feel easy writing an essay that properly supports your claims, is well structured, and doesn’t take a long time to finish. With tactical thinking, your brain is stimulated by what you’re thinking, as opposed to wading your way through boring, stressful writing skill training classes. 

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Your dream university is within reach.
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