How to Pick Which Universities to Apply to

Choosing which universities to apply to can be overwhelming and confusing. Keep these factors in mind when deciding where to apply.

Research the Program You’re Interested in

Different universities are known for different areas of study. If you know what you want to major in, look up your program and see which universities are known for innovation and scholarship in your field of interest. Choose to apply to universities that offer what you’re looking for and have great resources for your individual scholarly interests.

Consider Extracurriculars

Look at what extracurriculars are offered at the universities you are considering. What’s important to you outside of school? Do you want to be able to join a particular team sport? Are you interested in student politics? Drama club? Do you want to be part of a fraternity or sorority? Consider what activities you want to do when you’re not in classes and apply to universities that offer these activities.

Choose Locations That Work for You

Think about how far from home you want to be before deciding where to apply. Maybe you want to be able to continue to live at home in order to save money, or maybe you want to move to a new area for a completely new experience. If possible, visit the universities you are considering and think about whether or not you can see yourself living in the surrounding area.

Think About Cost & Financial Aid

Be realistic about what you can afford and look into financial aid offerings from the universities you are considering. There is no point in applying to a university you won’t be able to afford, so choose somewhere that is within your budget and/or has financial aid or scholarships that you are likely to be eligible for.

Student Housing

If you are planning on living on campus, look into the student housing options available at the universities you are thinking about applying to. Take into account housing costs, whether or not you’ll have roommates, meal plans (check out reviews of the cafeteria!), and activities offered to those living in residence buildings. Your living situation is an important part of your university experience and will inform your study habits and overall satisfaction, so it is important to apply to institutions that offer an appealing living environment.

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