Why Work With US
To Improve Your Test Scores

Language Power isn’t like other test prep and tutoring services that approach improving your grades by selling you overwhelming strategies and expecting you to spend all of your time on memorizing skills or subskills.

Improve Your Test Scores, Write Better Essays,
& Enjoy the Process

Hoping to go to a top-20 university? You are busy with classes, extracurriculars, college applications, and other commitments and cannot spend all of your time on test prep courses that take hundreds of hours.

Instead, we teach tactical thinking, a smart way of thinking that you can apply to any test question or written essay.

Tactical thinking trains your brain to logically approach each question in the smartest way possible, avoiding all of the tricky but inviting traps, and determining the correct answer quickly.

Tactical thinking is fun to learn because it exercises your brain and stimulates your creativity, giving you the confidence you need to write an outstanding college essay, get the test scores you need or want, and finally get that A you’ve been trying for all this time.

With tactical thinking, you will learn to defeat exam anxiety because you know how to think in order to tackle any academic challenge that comes your way.

When it comes to taking exams and writing essays, you will feel like an experienced driver behind the wheel–confident, relaxed, not overwhelmed by the road in front of you.

No more boring reading; no more overwhelming strategies, skills, or even subskills; no more loads of practice questions; no more memorizing; no more anxiety and burnout.

 With Language Power, you’ll reach your academic goals and actually enjoy the process. 

Make an appointment today to learn what tactical thinking can do for you.

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