Habits That Help You Write Essays Faster

Understand Essay Structure

Make sure that you understand formal essay structure and follow it. An essay should include an introduction that includes your thesis statement and sums up your argument, followed by body paragraphs that make claims supported by evidence (from primary texts and/or secondary sources), and ending with a conclusion paragraph that once again states your overall argument and how you’ve argued it in your essay. Keeping this structure in mind as you write will prevent you from going on tangents and will minimize the amount of time you have to spend reordering your writing during the editing phase.

Write Your Thesis Statement First

You should always begin by writing your thesis statement, then build your outline, structure, and essay from there. Your thesis statement should concisely sum up the argument of your entire essay in one sentence. Your thesis statement shouldn’t be long, flashy, or overly detailed–simply make your argument clearly in one straightforward sentence. You can fill the rest in with the body of your essay, but this thesis statement is the main argument that everything else should be built around.

Make an Outline

You may think that making an essay outline is an extra task that will take up more time, but actually working from an outline will make you write much faster than if you try to write your entire essay with no outline to work from. Your outline should be point-form notes of what will be included in your intro, conclusion, and each body paragraph of your essay. Once you’ve made your outline, writing the essay is simply plugging information into the right places and expanding your analysis.

Read for Pleasure

Immersing yourself in good writing makes it easy to write well-structured, grammatically correct sentences without even thinking about it. Get in the habit of reading for pleasure. Not only is it a fun activity, but it will improve your essay writing skills just by allowing the rules of writing to sink into your brain by consuming good writing. This should be a pleasant activity, not a chore. Pick up a novel that interests you and make time to read a few pages every night before bed or on your bus to school in the mornings.

Get Extra Help

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